The idea for this blog originated from a recent Facebook post, where somebody was asking for recommendations for a local cake maker.  I threw my hat into the ring, amongst another 70 odd local cake makers and this made me ponder; “Why choose me?”  In a market that is completely saturated with so many cake makers to choose from…. Why choose me?  What’s different about my cakes? What makes me stand out to be the one you choose to make your cake for your special day?  I’m going to explain to you why I think I am the right person for the job.

Bespoke Cakes:

One thing that most cake makers say that they offer are “bespoke cakes” and “unique cakes” but is that actually true?  I regularly see cakes repeated and designs copied from other cake makers.  I often get enquiries from customers accompanied by a picture from Pinterest or a Google search and I am asked, “How much to make this cake?”.  My simple answer to this is, “I can’t make that cake, and I won’t make that cake”. I won’t copy a design that someone else has worked hard on making and I would never diminish that hard work by copying it outright.  However, I will talk to you about what it is that you like about that cake and will draw inspiration from the pictures and design my own cake.

No matter how you pitch your request, I will have an initial conversation about what cake you want and will design a cake for you based on that remit. I will generally provide more than one design if I feel it is appropriate or if you are a bit undecided about the direction you wish me to go.  Seeing a design always helps to ensure that we are both on the same page; there would be nothing worse than you requesting a cake only to arrive on collection day and be disappointed with what has been created.  I want you to know my vision when I am designing a cake for you.  I want you to fall in love with my design and be wowed when you see that design turned into cake.  My designs are mine alone and never copied from anyone else’s work.  I have been asked to reproduce a cake that I have previously made but would still always add a different twist on the cake so that it is unique to you.  So, the first reason to choose me as your cake maker is that I will truly make you a unique cake.

I am a Cakeflix Master:

This sounds a bit like I should be able to do some mind control, but alas no, this simply means that I am a qualified cake maker.  Many cake makers are self-taught and there is nothing wrong with that. There are some amazing tutorials and YouTube videos that can guide cake makers and help them  produce amazing cake creations.  But I am asking “why choose me?” and this is another bone fide reason. I have gained approved qualification in cakemaking, certified by the FDQ , the leading UK Awarding Organisation for the food industry. Becoming a certified Cakeflix Master is a one-of-a-kind qualification for cake makers.  The course is run by Paul Bradford; a true cake master who I have admired for years.  It’s no exaggeration to say that I have genuinely learnt from the absolute best. Acquiring skills ranging from making the best sponge cakes, making sugar flowers, sugar models and sculpted novelty cakes and wedding cakes.  I give you the absolute assurance that when you buy a cake from me, the cake will be finished to a professional level and will taste absolutely amazing.    

This is me with my wedding cake I created for the Cakeflix qualification, which I was hugely proud of, particularly the large open peony, which is a gorgeous flower on any wedding cake

Attention to detail:

It may seem a huge change of pace but in my “past life” I was an accountant.  This gives me a definite advantage when making cakes as I have a forensic attention to detail (who knew that there would be crossover skills?). This attribute is such that I can produce a cake that will be customised with a little detail that will mean something to the cake recipient. This can be an outfit that they wear, a watch or the polka dot liner of a coat hood.  If you provide me with a picture of the subject that you want me to make in model form; be it a loved one or a favourite pet or even an object like a golf bag; I will add as much detail as I can to make the cake as personal as possible.

“I had a cake made for my husband’s 70th, I sent a photo of him in his golf gear and had a golf themed cake, the model of him was quite stunning!  Even down to his watch and bracelet, shoelaces and golf bag.  The cake itself was delicious”  Helen, Broadstairs

Ted’s golfing themed cake, where I modelled his outfit and golf bag from photos provided to me, I love adding the little details like the gold bangle he wears

The best ingredients:

The cake itself is just as important as the design you choose – I love cake, I mean I bloody love it, and it is so important to me that your cake tastes amazing, I often have people say to me, your cakes are too good to cut and I say “God no, get it cut and get it eaten”. That’s what you pay me for, to make a really good tasting cake.  I only use the very best ingredients; the best Belgian chocolate, the best fondant, all to make sure that your cake is absolutely delicious.  I have eight delicious flavours to choose from; a simple vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream, a ridiculously rich and decadent chocolate cake filled with white chocolate ganache or a gorgeous Cherry Bakewell cake filled with cherry jam and almond buttercream with flaked toasted almonds to name but three.  Whatever flavour you opt for, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed and will have a delicious cake made using only the absolute finest ingredients.

The sky is the limit:

Finally. the main reason to choose me is that there isn’t a cake that I wouldn’t attempt to make. The bigger, the crazier the better for me.  I love challenging myself and relish a request to make a cake that will defy gravity or one that can be picked up or even weight lifted!  Don’t get me wrong I love making all types of cakes, but don’t be scared to ask me for what you might thing is impossible or completely crazy, if you’ve got the budget I’ll absolutely take it on.

This dumbbell cake could actually be picked up and weight lifted, it weighed 7kg, too heavy for me to even pick up

So what are you waiting for?